The Love Story Of S And M

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the love of my life (2)

darn it
last monday ,my cell group friends played a game in the computer named love tester game
i tested mine and marvin and get 45%
i am sooo sad
but my friend said its not bad cuz  i haven meet him yet
yay is secretly whispered in my heart
arrh 12 more day the only i can see him
stupid y cant times go faster
arh wait or my next post bye
and mostly bye bye baby marvin

Friday, December 10, 2010

the love of my life (1)

owh my head
its sooo terribly hurt
thinking about a thousand of marvin is so damm suffering
haiz  a thought stuck to my head everytime i think about marvin already married
i wanted to commit suiside man
but i will not do it because marvin will be sad
i will fight for him to the end
i will think millions of ideas just to get his heart
i feel like singing the song baby,baby baby ohhhh -justin bieber to my beloved marvin
to tell you the truth his wife SUCK
i would do a better wife for him
i can cook,wash,make the beds,clean the house arggh
the point is i can do housechores better than her
damm man
and besides that, i can confort him everytime his sad
feeling like dating him now
but hi ****ing wife dont let him
haiz thiss is all i can say
plz wait for part 2
and most of all
i love you my dear marvin

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the love of my life

my dear dear lovely man,

i have seen the love of my life and i seen his pics he was the beautiful MAN i ever seen
in my entire life i wuz shocked to see his beuty face i found out he wuz married and then i felt sad
i feel like killing his wive then asking him out he my heart was beating fast ! i cant wait to go camp with him
then i will kiss him mwhahaha